Find A Chiropractor For Your Colicky Baby

Having a child is a wonderful experience and something that most women wish to experience at least once in their life. Trying to take care of a newborn is not always an easy job. You need a lot of patience and have to be prepared to wake up every three to four hours during the night to feed them.

The sleep that you get can become quite limited when your baby has become colicky. When your baby has colic they are constantly crying and cannot be consoled. The problem that mothers have with this is that they cannot pin down what is causing the crying and there is nothing they can do to soothe the baby.

One remedy that many mothers don’t think to try is chiropractic care. However, it is a great way to fix the problem and have you and your baby feeling happy once more. The chiropractor will be able to realign the neck and vertebrae and fix any problems that might have been caused when they were coming out of the birth canal.

Find A Chiropractor

Call your insurance and see if they will cover a procedure like this. Most insurance companies do not agree with this type of healthcare and will not cover it in anyway. Do some research and find a reliable doctor and one that you can afford. Your pediatrician or close friends (who have tried it) are the best people to ask. Also make sure that the chiropractor you use is well experienced with infants and newborns. You don’t need someone new working on your child.

What To Do

When you go to the visit make sure to bring a familiar blanket for the child to lay down on. This will help to make them more comfortable and less afraid. You should be holding your child’s hand while the chiropractor is working on them. Just be careful not to interfere.

Your baby might just need one adjustment, depending on how misaligned their bodies are. Some chiropractors might need you to come in once a week for a couple of months to prevent he colic from returning and to keep your baby healthy.