Chiropractic Offices

I guess by this point it is certainly no secret at all that I, the author of this website, am a huge fan of chiropractic care.  It is especially true that I am a proponent of chiropractic activator treatments.

I began my journey as a chiropractic care patient in my late teenage years, over twenty years ago.  I was practicing my martial arts by performing slow kicks.  I was doing this in our family dairy barn while the cows milked.  When I finished a set of slow kicks, I suddenly could not stand up straight and was soon on my way to visit a chiropractic office.

This began my experience with chiropractic offices.  I will describe the types of offices I have visited during my experience.  These are basically three styles.

The first style is a single chiropractic doctor, medical clinic type office.  Usually, these offices will have several treatment rooms.  The patient will move through several treatments; such as spinalator, stretching, electrical stimulation, and more; finally graduating to adjustments by the chiropractor.

The next style is where the chiropractic doctor is a member of a large medical practice.  In this situation, space is more limited.  So, the patient will be treated with different therapies in the same room where he or she is adjusted.

The final type of chiropractic office I have visited is far different from any other type.  This office was a family run practice.  It had a small waiting room and a large open area, divided by cloth curtains.  It had a relaxed atmosphere and there was a lot of communication between everyone there.  It is a very enjoyable place and made for a great chiropractic experience.

I have been blessed to be treated by several doctors and their staff.  A variety of chiropractic offices have contributed to my health care.