Chiropractic Adjusting Tool

A device similar to a chiropractic activator is the chiropractic adjusting tool. These chiropractic adjusting tools are affordable for chiropractic professionals.

JTECH Medical markets a chiropractic adjusting tool with a sleek design. This chiropractic implement features new longer-lasting components. The JTECH Medical company used a stringent testing process to determine that this chiropractic adjusting tool actually lasts four times longer than earlier models. This is precisely the reason that the chiropractic adjusting tool includes a complimentary warranty that is the industry’s longest.

Because the chiropractic adjusting tool is made with precision components, it takes less effort to use due to it’s providing smoother and easier operation. This, in turn, reduces the stress to the chiropractic professional’s hand and arm when performing adjustments. The chiropractic adjusting tool also has padded finger and palm contacts.

The chiropractic adjusting tool is compatible with the established protocols currently used in the chiropractic profession. The chiropractic adjusting tool features several important facets. First is an industry-leading 180-day warranty. Next, it is expected to endure four times longer than previous model. It has several replaceable soft tips. It includes cushioned palm and finger pads. It only requires up to 32 pounds of adjustable thrust range.