Chiropractic Activator Methods

As a chiropractor there are going to be a number of techniques that you are going to learn and to use. Each technique is going to help a certain problem area and it will help to treat a specific problem. They can look a bit extreme and sometimes you have to make sure that you are able to stabilize the spine in just the right way. That is why so many chiropractors are using the activator.

The Activator Technique

The activator method, also the activator technique, is only to be used by someone who is licensed as a chiropractor or students that are under supervision. This tool is used to focus on a particular problem and there are a number of steps to know and protocols to be followed so that no damage is done and nothing is made worse.

The first thing that the chiropractor will do is to give you a physical examination of spinal joint dysfunction in your body. The most common test will be for flexion, extension, rotation, and lateral bending exercises. This will be done on every vertebral level so they can understand just how extensive the problem is.

Some chiropractors might feel that it is safer to take x-rays and perform other tests such as; leg length inequalities, muscle reflex, and looking at the biomechanics of the patient’s body. They do not necessarily need all of these tests. It just depends on what they feel is more dependable to use on you in order to determine what is going on.

Using The Activator

Now that the preliminary tests are done with they will be able to administer treatment using the activator. This small hand held tool is going to apply high speed and low force adjustment to your body. It is not painful, although as a bystander it can look scary.

This is easier than for them to use their hands because it is quick and precise. It allows the chiropractor to pin point the exact location and to fix it quickly. It also helps to prevent injuries in people who have weak bones due to other health conditions like osteoporosis.